Divorce in Bay of Plenty

Divorce also referred to as dissolution of marriage, is a legal order which ends a marriage. There is only one ground accepted to be the reason spouses can file an application for divorce. That is when the marriage has broken down. This means a situation where both husband and wife no longer live as married couples. In most cases both spouses still live under the same roof and are in fact separated. There are several reasons why a marriage may have broken down such as adultery, unreasonable behavior and so on. But putting the blame on your spouse is not necessary in filing an application for divorce.

Spouses who intend to obtain a divorce in the Bay of Plenty need to file a separation agreement. Where both spouses are in unity with the agreement, the process becomes straightforward. Lawyers can help you avoid court delays which reduces costs. kindly go to Divorcenz.com to obtain the services of a lawyer.

In deciding upon a divorce, the court will initially grant a decree nisi and over a period of a month, you or your spouse can then apply for a decree absolute which would completely bring an end to the marriage. Once the decree absolute is granted, you will have to update your legal records and licenses. Which include council tax, mortgage lender, bank and your utilities provider. Divorcenz.com would link you up with professionals who can help you sort this out without going through any stress.

A separation agreement is proof that both spouses have consented to bring their marriage to an end. It proves that the spouses are eligible for a divorce and have made the necessary arrangements and gone through the normal divorce procedure. A separation agreement also helps to reduce cost if it is agreed upon without any dispute and it also saves time.

Sometimes spouse may agree not to have a court hearing. This is done by spouses who want an order immediately because of several reasons. Both spouses will need to request for an undefended hearing in the presence of a judge. At the hearing, both spouses will appear before the court and the judge can make a dissolution order which takes effect immediately.

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