Divorce in Canterbury

A lot of things have to be considered when filing for a divorce in Canterbury such as division of assets, child support and cost of legal services. At Divorcenz.com, we offer quality and affordable legal services and other services in relation to divorce.

In Canterbury divorce applications can be settled based on divorce settlements. Divorce settlements are final agreements made by separating spouses which with the aid of a lawyer, spouses can get a divorce which seems to be fair to both parties. In divorce settlements there’s no need for disputes because both spouses willing agree to the terms of the other party and after the conclusion of the divorce, both parties can move on with their lives.

Spouses who intend to get a divorce without paying a high price for it or avoid debates in courts can easily agree to the separation and by doing this, there won’t be need for lengthy trials in court regarding their application or be charged extra cost for delay in the case. If the arrangements for the children and division of property can be agreed upon, the divorce application goes through a fast and much simpler process and becomes less stressful.

Based on the fact that most couples don’t want to deal with divorce or spouses still believe that they can save their marriage, they find it hard to agree to terms and in most cases this leads to the unnecessary delay in divorce proceedings. Especially in situations where there are children involved and your spouse does not want to give up custody of the children or contribute to child support.

In Canterbury, when you sign divorce paper sheet brings an immediate end to the marriage and there’s a list of all orders of the court, division of property, finances and the children’s maintenance. It’s much easier for spouses who are looking for an easy and stress free divorce, to start their divorce application with a joint application as this contains details of all agreements they might have had concerning the children, property, and finance. It would also prove to the court that both spouses are in support of the divorce. Once the court verifies that all the necessary requirements for the divorce have been satisfied, the court would grant the order of the divorce by using the separation agreement as the divorce papers as this is a true reflection of their intention.

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