Divorce in Southland

In accordance with the laws of Divorce in Southland, A divorce is started with an application for divorce. In filing the application for divorce; certain things are required to make you eligible for a divorce. There is no such thing as a fast divorce in Southland unless it is a case of domestic violence and there is a fear of your life and your kid’s life if involved. There is however such a things as low cost divorce attorney, who at the beginning might seem cheap to hire, but can drag you endlessly. Once you can prove your marriage has broken down irreconcilably and you and your spouse have been separated for more than a period of 1 year or at least 2 years, the court will allow the divorce application to be tried in court. Also marriages where there are children below the age of 18 years, the court will ask you and your spouse to make provisions for their welfare, which would take effect after the dissolution of your marriage, henceforth stop living in a dream world where you could get a fast divorce in Southland.

One of the ways, which you and your spouse can make arrangements for the children in your marriage below the ages of 18, is through a program known as Parenting through separation. This program helps parents going through a divorce in Southland to put the needs of their children first. The program focuses on concerns such as;

1) How the separation is affecting the children

2) After the separation, what is the best way to take care of the children?

3) How to deal with the situation of separation with the children, and

4) How to make a parenting plan for the children.

This is basically a way to help you and your spouse settle on how to care for your children without having to go to court about it. The program is done in one day and is either at a stretch or broken into sessions. If you do not feel like attending the program with your spouse due to certain reasons, you can attend different sessions and some organizers of such programs would allow you to have a support person.

Parenting through separation is not applicable to all applications for divorce. In a situation whereby there is proof of domestic violence or child abuse, you could file for an urgent parenting order with the proof of your claim and have custody of your children. By doing this, there will be no need to make arrangements with your spouse for care of the children because by their actions it can be seen that they do not have the best interest of their children in heart. The court can order such spouse to give financial support for the children’s maintenance. Visit Divorcenz.com if you need help to file such order.

Honestly we would advise you to read up about divorce online instead of spending money on a low cost divorce attorney. You can as us anything if you have any queries we are here to help.

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