Divorce in Wellington

In order to get a divorce in Wellington, you need to first file a divorce application in the Family Court and one of the spouses of the marriage must be a living in Wellington. You and your spouse must prove that both of you have been separated for at least 2 years to be eligible to file for the dissolution of marriage.

Some couples in between their 2 year period of separation try to resolve their marriage and in such instances, the law only permits such moment of reconciliation for not more than 3 months or try to resolve their marriage on different occasions which amount to 3 months, if after the given period the couples fail to resolve their marriage, then an order for dissolution of the marriage can still be made. But if the couples trying to resolve their marriage resume cohabitation i.e. living together, for more than 3 months and the marriage breaks down again then you and your spouse will have to live apart again for another period of 2 years before filing an application for divorce in Wellington. To prove you and your spouse have been separated, you need to have a separation agreement, which would serve as evidence of your separation in court during your hearing.

You can ask the court to make an order of dissolution of marriage without having to go to court. The order will be posted 6 weeks after the divorce papers have been taken to the court. Also if you require an instant dissolution of marriage, you will need to go to court along with your spouse and make a request for instant dissolution stating your reasons for the urgency in the grant for dissolution of marriage. Once your spouse agrees to the request, the court will grant the instant dissolution of marriage.

When getting a divorce in Wellington, you need the services of a professional lawyer especially when you and your spouse have property together and children. Divorcenz.com offers you excellent service and professionalism through their lawyers with affordable fees. There is also the online divorce which enables you to file for a divorce online without the use of a lawyer. It is as effective as filing with a lawyer but any mistakes made might need you to start all over and if you file a divorce application with mistakes, the court will cancel your application because it is not in accordance with the law.

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