Where to submit the file?

You can submit your application to a family court nearby.

How much time court will take?

Normally they take up to 3-4 weeks to finalize the divorce.

Does court fees is including in your fees?

No the court fees of NZ$211.50 is separate, which you have to pay to the court.

How much time we take in preparing your documents?

After receiving all the required information from you and the fees of NZ$ 159.00, we will send you your completed documents within 2 days.

How i will know what to do next?

We will provide you with the guided instruction along with your completed papers.

What are the charges of DivorceNZ services?

We charge NZ$ 159.00 for both application whether singe or joint.

Is children information is included in this application?

Yes we will need some additional information of your children, So that we can fill up their details in the form as per court requirements.

From where I can get a copy of my marriage certificate?

Contact Births, Deaths and Marriages on 0800 22 77 77 or visit http://www.dia.govt.nz/Services-Births-Deaths-and-Marriages-Index

When can I qualify to file a divorce?

Irreconcilable differences is the only ground for legally dissolving a marriage or civil union. This means that your relationship has broken down and is at an end. Neither of you is blamed for this. The only way of proving that your relationship has broken down irreconcilably is by living apart for two years. Only then can the court dissolve your marriage or civil union. You cannot shorten the two year period, even if you both agree to the dissolution.

Is your support available all the time?

Yes we are always there to help you with all the technical support.

Can I process my own divorce independently?

Yes you can. However it is recommended to have a professional either prepare, or look over the documents before filing and paying the court fee of $211.50. This is due to the fact some legal terminology may be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Do I qualify for the fee waiver?

The criteria for being unable to pay includes if you are dependent on a benefit or New Zealand superannuation, or you would suffer undue financial hardship if you were required to pay the fee.

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