What You Need to Do?

You can save the cost of hiring lawyers by using our service, and relax while we will complete your paperwork according to the court specifications. Get your documents arranged and ready for processing with Divorcenz by following three simple steps:

Fill online questionnaire

Correctly answer all the questions asked in the Applications provided on our website. It does include some basic information about your current situation, your spouse, and children (if any). We will review your details and then analyze which forms and documents will be needed for the further processing of your application.


Sign & Print Documents

Once we receive the payment of NZ$ 349 from you, we will send you all the necessary documents and completely filled forms along with the instructions to you via email. After receiving all the documents all you have to do is print out those documents and sign it accordingly.


Submission to family court

Just follow the instructions provided in the divorce kit and complete all the steps. After signing all the forms and documents simply go to your nearest family court and submit all the forms and documents to the family court as instructed. The court will take up to 3-4 weeks to finalize your divorce. So lose no more time, use our service and relax while we complete your paperwork according to the court specifications.


Our Process

We offer you high quality service, which allows you to file your divorce in the court, completely hassle free.

Our service is quick, reliable and 100% satisfactory.


Filing Application

Simply fill the questionnaire available on our portal


Detailed Verification

Check and sign all the forms completed by us


Final Submission

Submit all the documents to your nearest family court

Why You Can Trust, Divorcenz.com

Getting a divorce need not necessarily be a very long and unhappy process. You don’t have to always run around courts and spend thousands of dollars in legal fees. Instead, simply associate yourself with our easy online divorce portal and get going in your life.

We would like to inform you that we do not provide a complete divorce here, it is just a process for you to get started. You would still have to go through the court procedure. Where specified that this is to get an easy divorce online, it is a process to arrange your divorce kit and make it ready to submit in the court. All the required divorce forms provided by us are according to the State’s law. We also provide you with a Marriage Settlement Agreement.

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Our service will allow you to obtain a divorce without the need or expense of hiring an attorney. Our commitment to you will allow you the time and effort to move on with your life. For any questions or queries, please get in touch with us.